What is Stocktipr?

Stocktipr.com is a finance community that allows investors to share stock tips, within a perfect forum ideal for the discovery of American and Canadian companies. We created a unique algorithm that analyzes stock tips and ranks them according to their return on investment (ROI), accuracy and popularity. By classifying every tip and Tipper by their ROI potential, a system is formed allowing the promotion of performing companies in an exceptional manner. All the while, our community gains the ability to access the best investment recommendations the web has to offer.

How does it work?

Once a member posts a tip, our system programmed with the exclusive algorithm immediately initiates the analysis of the specific tip, which involves measuring the highest price attained by the stock on a daily basis, and the calculation of the up to date ROI for the tip. The average of every tip posted by a Tipper will determine his/her position in the ranks of the Stocktipr community.

Some of the features

By following a Tipper or company you will automatically receive an email alert whenever the Tipper shares a new stock tip, or when one is made about the company you are following. You will also receive an alert when the coverage ends, this indicating a “Sell” signal by the Tipper. You may also vote for your favorite stock tips, comment on them and even communicate with others by writting on your favorite company or Tipper's wall.

Benefit from an ever-expanding network of expertise, and quickly and easily find the best stock tips the Internet has to offer.

Access the best stock tips

By harnessing the power of social networking and focusing it for a strategic purpose, Stocktipr has created an unparalleled system which allows investors to benefit from an ever expanding network of expertise, unquestionably helping to refine and sharpen their investment strategies.

Its algorithm really makes the difference when it comes to discovering new traders and companies to invest in.

Elevate your online promotion

Via our blog and presence in forums and on social media sites, we make sure the American financial community knows about the difference Stocktipr can make to elevate online promotion for your tip or company!

Learn how we can help you get highly targeted visibility for your company with our advertising packages.

Together we can invest intelligently and profitably!

StockTipr is in constant evolution. Contribute by sending us your suggestions and comments

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