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Every time a tip is posted about a company that is not already listed in our company directory, a new profile is created in the appropriate financial sector. In this profile, only the name and ticker of the company is listed.

When a Tipper talks about your company, it is displayed everywhere.

Your company get maximum visibility every time:

  • A new tip is posted about your company
  • A Tipper looks at a tips detailed information
  • A Tipper searches the stocktipr company database
  • A comment is posted on the company's Wall

We get your company seen, but you can help make it KNOWN!

Premium Company Profile

Easy and powerful way to maximize your visibility, a Premium Company Profile puts your company upfront throughout our investor community.

Be in the right place at the right time! Reach your target audience precisely when their investment decisions are being made.

  • Detailed info about your company
  • Contact Info
  • Logo of your company in key sections of the site
  • RSS feed of your market news
  • A link to your website
  • Listing of tips about your company
  • Your own company "Wall"
  • Ticker Charts
  • Your Twitter feed
  • "Follow this company" function
  • Full company review in our newsletter

Our recommended newsletters (Coming soon)

We just launched a free newsletter review service for our members to know which newsletters to follow and which to avoid. We offer some newsletters the possibility to be featured as Stocktipr's recommended newsletter.

  • Full description of the newsletter in the Recommended Newsletter section
  • All our members can register to your newsletter directly on you page
  • Links to your website and register page are displayed directly in all Stocktipr's monthly newsletters for a year
  • We will produce an email blast to our community promoting your newsletter


Offer your services for free directly to our community and notice for yourself the Stocktipr difference! These guys are serious traders looking for serious profit! Help them reach their goals with your products and services.

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Unique comprehensive Marketing Approach

Because every company has different needs our friendly and thoughtful marketing experts will carefully study your enterprise’s needs to help you reach your goals and up your sales.

We like to get involved directly with our partners and help them build their brand on the Web.

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