Experience points

The three factors that are listed below are used to determine the experience points attributed to each tip a Tipper shares with the community. Experience points are the number one variable to look at as an indicator that the Tipper has shared profitable and reliable investment recommendations.

Simple but Powerful

Our unique algorithm measures every tip that is shared in our community and ranks them according to factors such as performance, accuracy and popularity. This way you can be certain you are getting access to the best stock tips our community has to offer.


Return on investment is the backbone of Stocktipr's algorithm. We want it big and we want it fast. Every day we calculate and score every tip and Tipper based on their ROI. The average of each tip determines the Tipper's score; this score is called the average ROI. Our “Hot Tip” section displays the tips with the highest up to date ROI.

Tip: Look for Tipper with high ROI and high experience points.


How precise is a Tipper’s ability to predict the performance of a company? Our accuracy score simply displays the number of tips made by a Tipper that reached their target price.

Tip: Look for high accuracy when you search for new Tippers to follow, it is a good indicator that the Tipper is persistently giving good investment recommendations.


The more votes a tip gets, the better visibility it gets on our Most Popular page. This tip has some momentum so keep an eye on it!

Tip: Vote for the best tips from the best Tippers to give it extra visibility within our community.

Why promote a tip?

  • It was posted by a Tipper you trust
  • It has great ROI potential
  • It is related to a healthy, up and coming company

Our formula allows no room for speculation. Simple and efficient, it gives you access to the best stock tips our community has to offer.

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