What is Stocktipr all about?

Our mission is to provide our community with the best platform to share and discover stock tips and to connect with other stock investors. Our unique algorithm measures up to date ROI for each tip and provides you with access to the best recommendations generated byour top Tippers.

Use Stocktipr to:

  • access good investment recommendations
  • promote stock tips and companies for free
  • learn about hot companies to invest in
  • meet and share information with active stock traders

How do I register?

  1. Go to the registration page
  2. Fill in the form and confirm your account
  3. Log onto your profile page and get started!

How do I get my company extra visibility in your community?

There is many ways you can get your company increased visibility in our community, to learn all about them check out our Advertise section

Or contact our team directly by sending your email to the following address:

How can I post a tip?

  1. First you need to register
  2. Then log on to your profile
  3. Once you’re logged into your profile page, click the orange “Post a Tip” button on the right side of your screen
  4. Fill in the tip form
  5. Confirm that your tip’s information is accurate
  6. Post your tip!

What is a company profile?

The company profiles are pages where you can find all the information pertaining to companies that have tips concerning them within Stocktipr's community. Premium company profiles are paid profiles with extra features such as:

  • Detailed company information
  • Contact Information
  • Latest market news
  • Company “Wall”
  • Company review in our newsletter
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How to get your company seen on

Optimize your company profile
Your company profile is a representation of your company in our community. A great looking and optimized profile will leave a solid impression on investors. Contact us to get more details about our Premium Profile.

Be featured in our newsletter
We send a dynamic newsletter every two weeks to talk about Tippers, tips and companies that are performing wellduring that given period. If you have any news worth talkingabout, contact us to be featured in our next newsletter!

Have an article appear on our blog

Our educational blog is highly consulted by our community looking to get the latest tips on various subjects like investment strategy optimisation, market news and market trends. We are open to collaborate with your company to get some smart and useful content to our community.

Get a banner

This is an excellent way to get targeted media visibility within our community of investors.

Get in touch with active investors

Every time a comment is made on a tip about your company it will be featured on your Company’s Wall. It creates a unique opportunity to interact directly with the investors.

What is the initial price attributed to my tip?

Using the next trading price following your tip, from the current day, for all tips posted during the stock exchange opening time.

Using the next opening price of the following day for all tips posted after the trading hour of the stock exchange, or during week-end when it's closed

With this method of using the opening price, we make sure that news doesn't affect a Tipper score.

The initial price is updated on the site at 6:30 pm eastern time.

Which stock exchanges are covered on

We cover all companies on the American and Canadian market.

  • AMEX
  • NYSE
  • OTC
  • TSX
  • TSX-C

How do you rank Tippers?

Accuracy score:
The number of times a tip reaches its target price compared with the total number of tips from that Tipper
Total average ROI of all the Tipper’s tips
The Tippers with the most votes for their tips are the most popular

What are the experience points in the Tipper profile?

Experience points are attributed to each tip based on a combination of theiraccuracy, performance and popularity. It can be seen as a quality score that helps determine the best Tippers in our community. Tippers are classified by rank. Depending on the number of experience points he or she has accumulated the rank will vary from beginner to master Tipper.

Who are the Top Tippers in the community?

Top Tippers have at least one active tip, they have the most experience points and highest average ROI for their tips. They are the best Tippers in the community and their profile is accessible from the Top Active Tippers box located in the top right portion of the site.

What is an active Tipper?

An active Tipper has a live tip.

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