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13/08/2010 at 06:39PM
Bralorne Gold Mines Ltd.
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$1.2 > $2
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$1.25  4.17%
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$1.4  16.67%
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Initial price $1.2 Start coverage 13/08/2010
Target price $2 End coverage 03/12/2010
Highest price $1.4 Experience 48 pts
Description Mr. William Kocken reports BRALORNE PREPARES FOR MILL START-UP Bralorne Gold Mines Ltd. is restarting the gold mill at its Bralorne Pioneer mine property this fall. Mill feed is currently being stockpiled at the main 800-level portal area from continuing underground development of the BK and North veins. By October, it is anticipated that there will be sufficient material in the stockpile and broken in the stopes to restart the mill and process development muck for a year. Once the development muck has been processed successfully, the company plans to continue milling material mined from underground. The projected milling rate is 120 tons per day, and the company is looking to increase capacity to 280 tons per day more than two years after initial start-up. Underground exploration Exploration is continuing at the property with trial mining of the BK vein, and raise and sublevel exploration of the North vein. On the BK vein, shrinkage stoping was initiated from the 800 level. The mineralized zone is being tested over a strike length of 100 metres, with an expected upwards extent of over 60 metres. The North vein, situated in the historic King mine, is being explored by raises and sublevels to confirm a resource situated between the 800 and 700 levels. Trial room and pillar mining are planned to follow. Development material from both areas is being stockpiled for mill feed. To date, a total of 5,700 tons of material has been stockpiled at the portal, and there is approximately 2,900 tons of broken inventory underground. Development will continue increasing the stockpiles and underground broken inventory by approximately 4,000 tons per month.

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Bulltrader initiated a coverage BRALORNE TO RESTART PRODUCTION on on 13/08/2010 at 06:39PM. Bralorne Gold Mines Ltd. is listed in the sector. The stock was priced $1.2 when Bulltrader posted the tip. After analyzing the company activities and performance, Bulltrader believes Bralorne Gold Mines Ltd. has the potential to reach $2. As of 13/08/2010, the highest price Bralorne Gold Mines Ltd. has traded at is $1.4.

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