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24/08/2010 at 07:17PM
Metanor - MTO.tsx/MEAOF.otc
Metanor Resources Inc.
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$0.47 > $0.65
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$0.495  5.32%
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$0.71  51.06%
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Initial price $0.47 Start coverage 24/08/2010
Target price $0.65 End coverage 21/09/2010
Highest price $0.71 Experience 75.15 pts
Description Nice volume coming from the MEAOF on otcbb. METANOR RESOURCES INC.: BARRY NI 43-101 RESOURCE CALCULATION READY DURING THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 15, 2010 Metanor Resources Inc. has received the confirmation from its consultants that it will be able to disseminate the results of the National Instrument 43-101 resource calculation on the Barry property during the week of Sept. 15, 2010. Compilation of more than 500 drill holes and 3.5 kilometres of channel sampling totalling more than 40,000 analytical results took several months of work. These drill holes and channel samples permitted the investigation of this deformation corridor with a width of 125 to 140 metres over a distance of one km in length and up to a vertical depth of up to 400 m in places. This large gold-bearing zone is still open in all directions. Metanor Resources would like to thank all of its shareholders for their confidence and their patience during this waiting period. Andre Tremblay, PEng, is the qualified person pursuant to National Instrument 43-101 and supervised the technical information presented in the news release.

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2010 September 9 at 15:39PM

62 cents today!
getting closer and closer from my target of 65 cents.
that what i call a HOOOOT tip!

62 cents today!
getting closer and closer from my target of 65 cents.
that what i call a HOOOOT tip!

2010 September 20 at 18:00PM
From StockShark | Rank: 3 | Avg ROI + 43 %

nice one nice one

2010 September 28 at 18:22PM
From Nicolas | Rank: 0 | Avg ROI + 9.4 %

Wow Nice one Stockshark! #1 Tipper! Wow Nice one Stockshark! #1 Tipper!

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About Metanor - MTO.tsx/MEAOF.otc

StockShark initiated a coverage Metanor - MTO.tsx/MEAOF.otc on on 24/08/2010 at 07:17PM. Metanor Resources Inc. is listed in the sector. The stock was priced $0.47 when StockShark posted the tip. After analyzing the company activities and performance, StockShark believes Metanor Resources Inc. has the potential to reach $0.65. As of 24/08/2010, the highest price Metanor Resources Inc. has traded at is $0.71.

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