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20/01/2011 at 07:40PM
Here Is our Momentum Play
Diamant Art Corp.
Initial > Target price

$0.1065 > $0.14
Price when coverage ended

$0.082  -23%
Best up to date ROI

$0.15  40.85%
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Coverage ended

Initial price $0.1065 Start coverage 20/01/2011
Target price $0.14 End coverage 27/01/2011
Highest price $0.15 Experience 73.55 pts
Description After taking a real close look at DIAAF we simply had to share with you as DIAAF is just too good to pass up closing Thursday with 11% gains (DIAAF has a 52 week high of $0.49). This is NOT our official play. But we STRONGLY like the buildup, momentum and charts. We see the 1st Support Level at $0.088 and the 2nd Support Level at $0.072 1st Resistance shows at $0.113 and the 2nd Resistance at $0.0122 if this breaks second resistance then we will have some real Happy Members! Also DIAAF put out a press release on 1/20/2011 highlighting their newfound representation in the Russian marketplace. Wholly owned subsidiary, T&R International (http://www.thinkandreact.com So far a short squeeze has been in effect above the $0.06 as Short sellers are forced to cover, causing price to go up. All indicators seem to be pointing to the stock doing quite well in the next few days! Business Summary and Website http://www.diamantartcorp.com

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2011 January 28 at 12:07PM
From maximedubb | Rank: 0 | Avg ROI + 6.5 %

This was a great one man! Though now it's trading pretty low. Keep them coming! This was a great one man! Though now it's trading pretty low. Keep them coming!

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About Here Is our Momentum Play

mybestpicksever initiated a coverage Here Is our Momentum Play on on 20/01/2011 at 07:40PM. Diamant Art Corp. is listed in the sector. The stock was priced $0.1065 when mybestpicksever posted the tip. After analyzing the company activities and performance, mybestpicksever believes Diamant Art Corp. has the potential to reach $0.14. As of 20/01/2011, the highest price Diamant Art Corp. has traded at is $0.15.

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