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02/01/2012 at 09:20PM
UnP and away
Union Pacific Corp.
Initial > Target price

$108.08 > $110
Price when coverage ended

$115.32  6.7%
Best up to date ROI

$119.82  10.86%
2 votes
Coverage ended

Initial price $108.08 Start coverage 02/01/2012
Target price $110 End coverage 03/07/2012
Highest price $119.82 Experience Pending
Description On a very strong uptend looking for more upward momentum

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About UnP and away

suavee initiated a coverage UnP and away on on 02/01/2012 at 09:20PM. Union Pacific Corp. is listed in the sector. The stock was priced $108.08 when suavee posted the tip. After analyzing the company activities and performance, suavee believes Union Pacific Corp. has the potential to reach $110. As of 02/01/2012, the highest price Union Pacific Corp. has traded at is $119.82.

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