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26/03/2012 at 04:06PM
Strike While Hot
Strike Gold Corp.
Initial > Target price

$0.295 > $0.42
Price when coverage ended

$0.31  5.08%
Best up to date ROI

$0.41  38.98%
3 votes
Coverage ended

Initial price $0.295 Start coverage 26/03/2012
Target price $0.42 End coverage 03/04/2012
Highest price $0.41 Experience 61.7 pts
Description GRaphite has tripled in the past 3 years, canada has only a handful of graphite miners. china is producing 70% of world's graphite and have made clear intentions to close their doors on exportation. its used in many industries and most notably the lithium ion battery has 20 times more graphite than lithium.(think electric and hybrid vehicles). demand high - supply low .. these guys have great properties. no questions BUY
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2012 April 2 at 17:49PM
From logical | Rank: 1 | Avg ROI + 47.7 %

did any one pay attention to this! crazyness.. did any one pay attention to this! crazyness..

2012 May 3 at 21:14PM

Shit I miss this one!

Nice one!
Shit I miss this one!

Nice one!

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About Strike While Hot

logical initiated a coverage Strike While Hot on on 26/03/2012 at 04:06PM. Strike Gold Corp. is listed in the sector. The stock was priced $0.295 when logical posted the tip. After analyzing the company activities and performance, logical believes Strike Gold Corp. has the potential to reach $0.42. As of 26/03/2012, the highest price Strike Gold Corp. has traded at is $0.41.

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