Experience Pending   |   Level Observer
Avg ROI 0 %
Rank N/A
% Target reached 1 %
Target price reached 0
Tips posted 0 (no live tips)
Total Votes 0
Avg. Votes per tip 0

Specialities Other Followers 0
Market specialization mid caps Following 0
Investment period mid term
Av. coverage time one day Company Leatherfads
Not available

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About RichardW

RichardW has been part of the Stocktipr community since June 2012. He his specialized in Other related stocks. This tipper usually has a mid term investment horizon. RichardW maintained an average ROI of 0% with a total of 0 tips posted, of which none have reached their Target Price. He is currently ranked 0th out of all tippers on the stocktipr chart and have 0 followers. RichardW 's tips as received 0 votes so far for his tips and usually has an average of 0 votes per tip. With an experience score of Pending. RichardW is presently listed in the mid caps category. RichardW does not presently have any live tips.

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